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Experience the epitome of sophistication and innovation with our range of advanced meeting rooms and conference spaces at Escala Tagaytay. Each venue is meticulously designed to inspire productivity, foster collaboration, and elevate your corporate events to new heights.

Discover Your Ideal Venue:

  1. Escala Pavilion: With a maximum capacity of 200 guests, our Escala Pavilion offers a spacious and minimalist function room. Its high ceiling design exudes elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for your sophisticated corporate gatherings and conferences.

  2. Sonata Function Room: Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience in our Sonata Function Room. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the breathtaking Taal Lake, this venue accommodates up to 100 guests and offers a picturesque setting for your meetings and events.

  3. Bellissima Restaurant: Host your functions in style at our Bellissima Restaurant, boasting unparalleled views of Taal Lake. With a maximum capacity of 120 guests, this versatile space is ideal for intimate corporate luncheons, networking events, and celebratory dinners.

  4. Cellar Function Hall: Create an intimate ambiance for your small-scale gatherings in our cozy Cellar Function Hall. With a maximum capacity of 20 guests, this inviting space is perfect for executive meetings, workshops, and intimate social gatherings.

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    Embark on a journey of corporate evolution at Escala Tagaytay, where success is redefined in every detail. Contact us now to reserve your space and elevate your next meeting or event to extraordinary heights.

    Experience the epitome of sophistication, innovation, and unmatched hospitality at Escala Tagaytay. With our range of sophisticated and technologically advanced meeting rooms and conference spaces, every gathering becomes a masterpiece of excellence. Join us at the forefront of corporate evolution and make your event a resounding success.